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Carney Field
Airfield Id:5603
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Island Name/Chain:Guadalcanal/Solomon Islands
Field Type:Airfield
Long/Lat0 0' 0" N / 0 0' 0" E
Occupying force:An excerpt describing who occupied the base: 19-31 August 1943 Carney Field, Guadalcanal Our first planes arrived on Guadalcanal on the 19th, and a week later the last of our planes landed. On Guadalcanal, we relieved VB-101 and joined VB-102, the other PB4Y-1 squadron. We shared a camp with 102, flew some joint missions with them, and shared the duty of patrolling the seas north and west of the Solomons. Our neighbors on Carney Field were four Army 13th Air Force B-24 squadrons. We used the runway and parking areas closest to the ocean; the Army squadrons were inland from us. All the areas of Carney, Navy and Army, were connected by taxiways. One morning, after unusually heavy rains, our Marston matting runway was \"floating,\" so we taxied inland and took off from an army runway. We also found the Army a source of spare parts and corned beef. All aircraft squadrons in our area, whether Army, Navy, Marines, or New Zealand, operated under Commander Aircraft Solomons (ComAirSols), so we were closer to the other B-24 squadrons than the names \"Army\" and \"Navy\" would indicate. We flew the same kind of plane, painted the same color, shared food and spare parts, and operate from the same runways. Most important, the army B-24 squadrons would be our bombing partners on three high-altitude attacks on Japanese airfields on the southern end of Bougainville. They kindly let us join them as the fourth (and tail-end) squadron. We later did some radar jamming for them on their difficult raids on Rabaul.
Source:\"The Buccaneers of Harry Sears: VB-104 - A Navy Liberator Squadron in the Solomon Islands - World War II \" Page 83
Information Contributed by:John C Rhem

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