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Island Name/Chain:Guadalcanal/Solomon Islands
Field Type:Airfield
Long/Lat0 0' 0" N / 0 0' 0" E
Occupying force:\"By month\'s end, the squadron left Henderson for Carney Field, an air base some five miles from their old home. The new airfield, consisting of two airstrips - bomber one and two - was a grass strip covered by marston mat constructed by the 14th Navy Construction Battalion (NCB) and was located some five miles away at Koli Point\" Previously mentioned in the text, this is March of 1943 and referring to the newly formed VB-101.
Source:\"We Flew Alone: United States Navy B-24 Squadrons in the Pacific February 1943- September 1944 Alan C. Carey
Information Contributed by:John C Rhem

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