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Kashiwabara (2)
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Alternate Base Name(s):Paramushir, Paramuschir, Severo-Kurilsk
Island Name/Chain:Paramushir/Kurile Islands
Field Type:Airfield
Long/Lat50 41' 0" N / 156 7' 0" E
Occupying force:Built by the Japanese Army on the Northeastern part of the island on the site of the largest Ainu settlement on the Island of Paramushir. and heavily defended by the 91 IJA division and with coastal batteries.(3) Kashiwabara Airfield is located at the north-eastern tip of the island, closest to Shumshu Island and served as a Japanese Army Staging area in the north. Forces assigned to the defense were: -91st Division HQ (Lt. Gen. Fuzai Tsutsumi) -74th Infantry Brigade (Major Zeiji Zato) -4th Tank Company (detachment of 11th Tank Regiment) -III/54th Sentai (Ki-43 Oscars and later Ki-44 Tojos) Paramushiro fortifications: There are less than two or possibly more fortifications and 6 or more coastal defensive positions and is heavily defended by at least 20 anti-aircraft positions commanded from Kashibawara Fortress.(2) The base served as the headquarters of the 91st IJA division, but its airfield was an important staging area for aircraft of both the IJN & IJA. A complement of KI-43 \"Oscar\" fighter aircraft were permanently stationed here. The 3rd Chutai of the 54th Sentai was stationed here starting in April of 1943.(1) Kashiwabara was raided several times by the US 11th Air force from 1943 to the end of the war. However, the base was first taken by the Soviets between August 18th and 23rd 1945.(1) The base settlement was then renamed Severo-Kurilsk, and all Japanese inhabitants were relocated - POWs went to the Soviet gulags. The Soviet settlement was completely destroyed by a Tsunami in 1952, but has since been somewhat rebuilt.(3)
Source:1.) Japanese Army Fighter Aces 1931-45 Ikuhiko Hata, Yasuho Izawa, Christopher Shores, copyright 2002 by Grubstreet 2.) 3.)
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