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Barking Sands Field
Airfield Id:5584
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Alternate Base Name(s):NAAF Barking Sands
Island Name/Chain:Kauai/Hawaiian Islands
Field Type:Airfield
Long/Lat22 1' 22" N / 159 47' 6" W
Occupying force: Barking Sands Field was a Main U.S. Army Air Forces (USAAF) base for fighters and heavy bombers under the jurisdiction of the Seventh Air Force. Parking was available for 25 fighters and 16 heavy bombers. In 1921, the land area known as the Barking Sands was acquired by the Kekaha Sugar Company and became a runway for private planes. The U.S. Army Air Forces (USAAF) acquired the land in 1940, named it Mana Airport, and paved the runway. Additional land acquired in 1941 expanded the facility to 2,058 acres (832 hectares). Hawaiian Airlines used the field for passenger stops, and Pan American Airways made occasional landings at the field. Barking Sands experienced very heavy military traffic during World War II, and a series of land transfers and easements caused continual changes in the total real estate assigned to the installation. During the war, the base consisted of two runways, a 6,400-by-200-foot (1,951-by-61-meter) asphalt runway and a 6,360-by-200-foot (1,939-by-61-meter) crushed rock runway, with a 1,600-by-300-foot (488-by-91-meter) apron, all of which could accommodate heavy bombers. Fourteen-barracks and four-mess halls, 23-revetments for heavy bombers and permanent accommodations for 1,500 men were also added. Naval Auxiliary Air Facility (NAAF) Barking Sands was located the base. The USAAF never used the airfield to its full capacity and a portion of the base was turned over to the Navy on 1 January 1944. NAAF Barking Sands was commissioned in the spring of 1944 but the USAAF reclaimed the land on 15 June 1944.
Source:AAF Installations Directory, 15 September 1944
Information Contributed by:Jack McKillop

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