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Carney Field
Airfield Id:5212
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Island Name/Chain:Guadalcanal/Solomon Islands
Field Type:Airfield
Long/Lat0° 0' 0" E / 0° 0' 0" S
Occupying force:United States
Source:Ref. “Royal New Zealand Air Force” by Sqd. Ldr. J.M.S. Ross (1955), NZ WWII official history, page 187-188.
Information Contributed by:John Wilson

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I visited Carney in 1993. The runway was still there, broken up and somewhat covered with brush. We were able to drive down most of its length in a jeep. My fellow explorer had aerial photos of the field taken during the war. Using these, we tried to find the hanger foundations (the hangers were long gone). After much searching, we realized the war photos had been reversed during the printing process. We then found the hanger foundations in the jungle, along with some collapsed Quonset Huts. Then we ran into a native who told us that multiple B-24 wrecks had been cleared from the east end of the runway in 1979. It was an eerie place, even during broad daylight. 

Source: Personal exploration. Contributed by: Steven Athanas [Email]
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