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Iwo Jima No. 1
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Island Name/Chain:Iwo Jima/Iwo Jima
Field Type:Airfield
Long/Lat0 0' 0" E / 0 0' 0" N
Occupying force:Japan
Source:CINCPAC-CINCPOA Bulletin 145-44 September 14, 1944
Information Contributed by:Dave Pluth

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(above) South Field. Photographed 26 May 1945. 

Photocredit: Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen Association

Contributed by: Robert Yanacek [Email]

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(above) Iwo Jima showing defense installations, roads and location and layout of airfields, pre-invasion February 1945 

Photocredit: THE SPEARHEAD THE WORLD WAR II HISTORY OF THE 5th MARINE DIVISION, by Howard M. Conner; Washington D.C.: Infantry Journal Press, 1950

Contributed by: Jim Broshot [Email]

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Surfaced area is roughtly triangular in shap with the following well defined runways (approximate direction/ approx dimensions including turning circles):

A. North-South 375'x 3965'
B. Northeast-southwest 275' x 5025'
C. Northwest-southwest 275' x 2700'

All runways were serviceable as of 2 September and appear to be surfaced with crushed rock, mixed with oil or tar.

Two taxiways, one on the east and one on the west, connect Airfield #1 with Airfield #2, approximately one mile to the northeast.

The main service apron, approximately 325' x 1100' is near the northern end of the field. A second service apron, at the sourthern end of the field, is used for plane dispersal. There are a total of twenty-four revetments in the airfield area.

The remaining buildings include five repair shops at the sourther end of the field and two repair shops in the northern building area. No hangers are present. 

Source: CINCPAC-CINCPOA Bulletin 145-44 September 14, 1944 Contributed by: Dave Pluth [Email]
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1.5 northeast of Tobiishi Hana. 

Source: CINCPAC-CINCPOA Bulletin 145-44 September 14, 1944 Contributed by: Dave Pluth [Email]
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