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Where and what - FAQ
Where do I add stuff?

The first step to adding stuff is to log in. If you don't have a user id, sign up for one (this is done at the top of the login screen). You can suppress the posting of your e-mail address if you like. If you do, it will post your name, but not your e-mail address for any entry that you add.

Once you are logged in, go to the airfield that you wish to add information to. You will see an "add" field show on the airfield information page.

How do I contact one of the authors?

If you click on a users name you will be taken to a contact form. The form is used to ensure that our authors do not receive spam from all the interesting spammers out there. The mail is sent to their registered email address and they can then email you back. We do not distribute any of the email addresses we receive.

I'd like to get permission to use a photo or some text from the site who do I contact?

Contact the author directly using the contact form mentioned above. This can be done from the page with the information you are interested in. All copyrights are retained by the authors on their work and their photos.

My stuff didn't post right away, what happened?

As with any online project, stuff must be reviewed for content by an editor before being released to the public. While you may have the best of intentions with your contributions, there are still those out there that aren't mature enough to handle this concept. So each entry is reviewed by an editor for content (no dirty words, that it has something to do with the subject and is at least plausible (based on references/sources)). Once the review is complete, the editor will release the information for public viewing.

What are the rules of posting?

The rules are simple.

Credit all posted information. On every entry there is a spot for source information. Please make sure that you use it. Credit books, authors or personal interviews that you get information from. Make sure that you credit all photos, as any unaccredited photos will NOT be posted.

Be creative. While we are looking for many cold facts about things, if you have a story to tell about a certain field, do so. Spell check your stuff before posting if possible.

If you have questions or comments, please use the associated message board to ask them. This is a group project that will grow and expand as we go along. This message board will also be the source of all communication about the project.

Where do I put things and what is of interest?

Look at the following questions and see where your stuff best fits. These are only SOME of the things we are interested in for this project, there are many many more, so be creative but try to put it somewhere that makes sense!

General Notes: These are for general things (duh!). What was the length of the runway? What was it constructed out of? What were the dates of service? What was the strategic importance of this airfield? What type of aircraft flew off the field? Was it a bomber or fighter strip? Is the strip still used today?

Name Notes: This type of note is used to give additional names of a field. This could be for the Allied name of a captured Japanese field or the previous Japanese Name of an Allied field.

Location Notes: Where on an island is the strip located. Is there anything about this particular location that may be of interest to someone? What battles were fought here? How was the location acquired and when?

Unit Notes: What units served on this airfield? When were they here? What personnel served here?

Misc Notes: If it doesn't fit in the above categories or make sense anywhere else, put it here. Do you have info about the native population, the climate etc.

Personal Stories: If you find a quote out of a book about a certain airfield, or you have a friend or relative that served on a particular airfield with a story to tell, this is the spot. We are looking for the human experience here.

Pictures: Photos must be 64k or smaller to be posted and must be in jpg format. Currently the uploading of photos is only supported in Internet Explorer. We are working on getting it to work with Netscape.

Maps: These are drawings of the location of airstrips as well as layouts of airfields. These maps must be 64k or smaller to be posted and must be in jpg format.


What if I have something about airfield construction or a piece of research that doesn't fit with one particular airfield?

Post a note on the message boards on the site. Folks there may be interested in the info or it may get picked up and saved as full article.

How can I help or what can I do, I'm not a researcher?

Sure you are! Anyone can participate. As you are reading materials, watch for mentions of certain airfields. This can be that they were raided by a certain outfit, it could be when they were captured or put into service. It could be an aerial photo of the strip; it could be volunteering to help layout maps (we've got bunches of raw diagrams that need to be put into electronic form) that can be used. It all depends on what you want to do and contribute. There literally is something here that everyone can help out with.

Who owns the information here?

You do. If you post the information, it is considered to be copyrighted by you. No permission for use will be given to outside sources without the author's express permission. With that, it is important that you keep your e-mail address up to date so people can contact you for permission.

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