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Pacific War Airfields Project - Main
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Welcome to the Pacific War Airfields Project Home.
Please read this entire page before continuing!

This is a cooperative project for anyone that wishes to participate. Our ultimate goal is to document, through both pictures and text, the airfields that were used throughout the Pacific and China during World War II.

Find Information. If you wish to view information about an airfield or do a Quick Search for an airfield (by name), you can do that in the search box on the bottom of each page. You can also do a more detailed search in the Detailed Search option in the "Searches" menu at the top of the screen.

Add Information. In order to add information you will need to signup for a userid and password and be logged in. You will also be given the opportunity to enter a biography of yourself as well as your e-mail address (which is required). This is done so we can give full credit to authors and participants in the project with each entry that they make and to also notify authors when their items are released for public view. Users can email you through the website with questions or comments on your information. This email is sent from the actual website so the user will never get your email unless you respond.

Where is the information I added? Information goes through a release process. Once you enter it an editor will review it and then release it to the public. Once you have become a regular contributor you may receive instant posting rights that will skip this step.

Entering information. We suggest that unless something you will add is relatively short that you pre-write the information in some type of editor (word processor). After 30 minutes of inactivity you will be logged out of the system. If you are entering information when this occurs you will lose what you have written.

Questions. We request that you post questions on the message boards on this site. There is a section for technical questions (how things work or how to do certain things on the site) as well as questions about the airfields themselves. Also any research requests should occur on the message boards as the owners of this board are not able to respond to individual requests.

To see what's new (within the last week), choose the What's New section.


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